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Timberland Ad

My key visual photography for Timberland's 'Built for the Bold' Chinese campaign.

This campaign encapsulates the essence of Timberland's brand ethos. The project also features a video production with talents like Arlo Parks, Tiegan Alysse, and more, under the creative direction of an Industry agency.
I also provided the cinematography for the opening and ending shots of the video for the Chinese cut.
More of my work as a director and photographer here.


Timberland “Built for the bold.” Chinese Campaign.

Photography by Olivier Hero Dressen
Production by Studio Supreme

US voice-over by Mary J. Blige
Talents: Arlo Parks (songwriter)
Tiegan Alysse (auto body technician)
Shugga (musician and director)
Shino Takeda (ceramist)
Marc Yeh (world traveler)
Client: Timberland Creative
Agency: Industry
Co-Founder – Executive Creative Director: Oved Valadez
Film Director: Iggy London
Director of Photography: Mika Altskan
Art Direction: Fernanda Arreguin, Sofia Villarreal, Marina Zertuche
Production: Matt O’ Conner
Composer: Never Home Music

Chinese production team:
Production: Studio Supreme

Executive Producer: Olivier Hero Dressen

Production coordinator: Camilla Wang

Cinematographer: Olivier Hero Dressen

Gaffer|First AC: Jonathan Bizeau

Talent: Sai @longtengjingying

Sound Studio: Roar Media

Sound engineer: Manel Favre

Color facility (CN):

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